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The Challenge

Lightricks encourage its users to express their inner artist using the apps they develop. Whether You're just starting out or editing pros, all you need is a phone and their apps to create some incredible content. Spread the message that art & creation is everywhere.
In this free form vertical challenge you can use data and models for the creation, analysis and manipulation of art, design and infographics. Use machine learning tools, supervised or unsupervised models, vision algorithms, or any method you think up.
Surprise us! Unleash your inner artist and use your creativity to create something amazing. You can use tabular data, images, videos, audio or any other type of data.


This is an open-ended vertical competition. Participants will be judged by a panel from Lightricks.


Lightricks encourages you to bring you own unique data.


The Lightricks logo is plotted using our users usage data.
Each dot represents a user and each shape and color represents a different cluster of
users’ behavior. The clusters are based on the users favorite tools, duration in app, and other usage data. The variance within the cluster determines the width of each cluster.


Repo will be provided soon