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The Challenge

Our brains use faces as the main classifier for a person’s identity. We even have a specific “face area” in the brain dedicated to this task. Computer vision tools are based on the same idea and use facial features for identifying people. However, as humans, we are able to recognize close friends and others from afar and even from behind. This is achieved using body features such as hairstyle, body structure, gait and other characteristics. Can we achieve the same using AI?

Orcam’s challenge invites you to recognize movie stars without using their faces. In our challenge, you will receive low resolution and occluded images of famous actors and will be asked to  identify them. Other than the unique dataset we have created you will receive a set of features we prepared for each image so that you can focus on the algorithms and let us worry about computation. Can you do it?


This is a leader-board type competition. Participants will be ranked by model performance. Exact details soon.


Data will be provided soon