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About the Track

DataLearn is designed for beginners in data science. During the program, you will learn how to use machine learning models with real data - from data preprocessing to the final prediction. Then, you 'll an apply the principles you have learned and compete in DataLearn's dedicated challenge (sponsored by monday.com).
Admission requirements are knowledge of machine learning fundamentals and some experience in programming.


  • 25.08.2019 - Prep-Night: "Intro to Data Science"¬†workshop and challenge intro
  • 04.09.2019 - Professional workshops (during the hackathon)
  • 05.09.2019 - Educational data challenge with an awesome prize!
  • 06.09.2019 - Presentations, judging round and awesome prizes!
  • Prerequisites

25.08.2019 Prep-Night

The prep-night will be hosted by monday.com at their offices in Tel Aviv between the hours 6 pm and approximately 11 pm.
In this evening, they will present their challenge to DataLearn's contestants. Then, our very own Shay Palachy will be giving a 3-hour workshop of "Introduction to data science" with a practical exercise of the most important concepts in the data science pipeline. This evening is also a good opportunity for the contestants to get to know each other and form groups to compete in the challenge.
The prep-night is not mandatory, all lectures will be recorded and published for the convenience of the participants.

04.09.2019 Professional Workshops

The first day of the hackathon will be dedicated to professional workshops given by data scientists in the industry.

  • Data Processing Express workshop by Gal Braun (SentinelOne) -This workshop will teach you how to use Pandas, Numpy and Python visualization libraries to manipulate data and extract meaning from it.
  • Parametric Models workshop by Dana Rubinstein (Mobileye) - This workshop will focus on the practical aspects of the most prominent parametric models: linear regression, logistic regression and a nod towards neural networks.
  • Ensemble Models workshop by Dana Kaner (Taboola) - This workshop will introduce you to ensemble models and their strengths: Why is Random Forest better than a single decision tree, what is Gradient Boosting and when to use which tool?

05.09.2019 Educational Challenge

All DataLearn participants will participate in a a specially tailored challenge presented by monday.com. Datahack's mentors team and selected mentors from monday.com will provide participants with ample help, leading them safely through the challenge.

06.09.2019 Closing Ceremony - Presentations, Judging and Prizes

The top scorers in the challenge will receive an amazing prize!


To apply you should be at least one of the following:

  • An experienced programmer that has never worked in the field, but knows the basic concepts.
  • An analyst working with Python, looking to grow your knowledge in data science.
  • You took a couple of machine learning courses in university, and wish to gain enough confidence to pick up a project.