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Hi and welcome to Datahack 2019! It’s a pleasure to see have you all here. We have an exciting 48 hours in front of us.

Parking and Transportation

You can find free parking here and paid (but inexpensive) parking here. You can also take bus lines 74 or 75 from the Jerusalem central bus station.

In The Loop

You’ll be able to stay most up to date by keeping tabs on our WhatsApp group, where we will be sending updates. Just hop on the broadcast group here.
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Check out our schedule to not miss anything cool, important or (cool & important)

The Grounds

The regular hacking halls are in the main building, the DataLearn hall is in the “cafeteria”, the staff room is in the big conference room, and as usual, you can find the sponsor booths, food, and mentors in the patio.We don’t have a lot of space this year so please try to be frugal with seat allocation. Try to gather as many people as possible at each table, and don’t spread out. In any case, hacking is more fun when you're close to your teammates.
An important thing to remember is to help out. Our staff is top-notch this year but this is a community event, and you are part of the community, so try to help our friendly staff members when you see them lugging stuff around, and volunteer when they ask for help. Even wiping down the coffee table when it’s dirty is a huge help! (:

Sleeping Quarters

Unfortunately, we don't have a covered room for sleeping this year, or rather is it unfortunate? This just means that you get to sleep in the fresh Jerusalem air for 2 days! As long as we clear out by 7 you can sleep in the patio under the stars (and the shading solution).


DataConf, our FREE data science conference, is back this year and it's better than ever!


Our mentors are here to help you out. If you need help, fill the form and someone will be coming to help you out in a jiffy. If no one is coming, you can try finding them at the sponsor booths on the patio.
Mentor Help Form

You can provide feedback to mentors by filling the feedback form at  - please do this for every mentor that spent time with your team, whether you requested help or they approached on their own.
Also, we encourage you to acknowledge the most helpful mentor(s) in your final presentations.
Mentor Feedback Form


Judges will evaluate your projects based on four factors; Algorithms, data, concept, and implementation. During the first round a diverse groups of judges (to assure fairness) will come over to see what you've achieved. Afterwards, successful teams will advance to the finals, where industry and academy experts will evaluate your projects and decide on the winners.
That's about it, now strap in, buckle up, lock and load, start your GPU's, and import as many pandas as possible.

Awesome List

An awesome list with every data resource you need handy to just pull out on a long night of hacking.
Awesome List

IBM Cloud - 6-month promo code worth $1,200 USD

Register to IBM Cloud and redeem your $1,200 promo code following the link:
1200$ Gift
Instructions on how to get started, including how to upload data to the notebook:
Get Started Guide
Short video tutorials to learn how to use the tools
Tutorial #1Tutorial #2

Recommended Gear

We have prepared the ultimate gear list to bring with you.
The Gear

Datahack 2019 begins now!🚀